Unity editor crashes at random times across multiple team members on my organization

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Luis Gomes Zanforlin created an issue

We are getting multiple intermittent Unity Editor crashes across many team members in our organization. The crashes happen at very different times.

Sometimes restarting the editor fixes it, but sometimes you have to do that many times. Deleting the Library folder seems to fix it for about a day or two.

We can’t actively reproduce it since it happens randomly.

I’m attaching the editor logs as well as the crash dump files.

We are working on a combination of windows 10 and 11 using Unity 2020.3.2f1 and the entire Odin suite (not editor only)

we were using Odin 3.4 but when we go the errors we updated it to but crashes are still present.

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  1. Luis Gomes Zanforlin reporter

    Our team is still very impaired by this bug.

    We’ve grown very dependent on Odin inspector so we are really hopping to be able to keep it in the project.

    Is anyone looking into this issue?

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