odin Continuous Assembly not found Error Spam

Issue #96 resolved
Johannes P. created an issue

Side Note: Please update the 'Version' bug report form, as it does not contain the last few versions.

Similar to #88 but unsure if same issue:

Using Unity 5.6.1f1 on Windows 10 Pro:

  1. In an existing prototyping project with a few scripts, downloaded Odin via the asset store.
  2. No modifications were made to Plugins directory
  3. (NOT REPRODUCIBLE) randomly after working on other code, still not touching odin or any unity preferences/config settings, I get spammed with FileNotFound exceptions regarding Assembly-CSharp or Assembly-CSharp-Editor: https://bitbucket.org/snippets/JohannesMP/eLbA6 - this happens when performing nearly any UI interaction, and preferences/Settings can no longer be viewed.
  4. Out of curiosity I deleted -everything- but the Plugins directory. Spam continues: https://i.imgur.com/MMlrDVu.png
  5. Deleting GeneratedOdinEditors.dll did not change anything, even after restart.
  6. I copied the whole project, then deleted Plugins/Sirenix and re-downloaded from the asset store. This new version now has no problems. However at this point I am weary.

I don't know what caused this issue. As mentioned, I didn't touch any settings or anything in Plugins/Sirenix between downloading the files in my initial project and when it stopped working.

I have a zip of both the working and the non-working project - both with nothing but Plugins/Sernix in their respective Assets folders, but will not attach that here since that would distribute your source. I will try to send them via an email to contact@sirenix.net

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for the report - we're investigating this issue and will get back to you as soon as we have news.

  2. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    This issue seems to be resolved by fixes we've made, which will make it into the next patch. If it hasn't, please write here again and we'll reopen it.

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