This project contains templates for creating a new Django CMS project which should work out of the box.

All you need to do is install the package from PyPi like so. Note that it will install PasteScript and some other dependent packages. So you may want to create a new virtualenv.

$ python easy_install django-cms-templates

Alternatively you can install it from a hg clone with:

$ python install

And then creating a project skeleton is as simple as:

$ paster create -t django_cms_21 myproject

After that, you should cd to your new project directory and run:

$ make # Runs buildout and does all is needed to get working django-cms $ make run # Same as: ./bin/django runserver

Template loads initial fixtures, so you will not be prompted for login information. Defaul login information is:

Username: admin Password: admin

Curruntly only Django CMS 2.1 version is supported.

Here is full example, how to use this template:
$ virtualenv --no-site-packages sandbox $ cd sandbox $ ./bin/pip install -e hg+ $ ./bin/paster create -t django_cms_21 myapp $ cd myapp $ make $ make run