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+Alpha baby! It will drink your blood. In case it doesn't, you should drink your own blood!
+This is a script that manages plugins hosted on git or hg and make them available
+to pathogen, so it make your vim ever the more awesome!
+First off, create a `bundles.vim` file in your dotvim directory and put lines like
+the following:
+	" Bundle: git://
+Note: You'll anyway need the above line at least, you of course need pathogen, silly.
+Add any number such bundle lines with various plugins. Vimpire will try to guess the
+vcs from git or hg, and is correct most of the time, but if you want to specify it
+yourself, do so as
+	" Bundle: my-strange-url-from-which-no-one-can-tell-the-vcs with git
+There, that `with git` in the end is what tells Vimpire what vcs to use. Neat eh?
+Navigate to your vimfiles or dotvim directory and do
+	$ wget
+	$ python
+Deleting plugins is still experimental, but adding new ones and updating (pull) ing
+them works just fine.
+Report any issues whatsoever :)
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