W3 Lab

A set of exercises and notes about W3C's and other Web standards:

  • html: contains exercises on pure HTML5 (no style sheets nor scripts).
  • css: contains exercises on CSS3 (only HTML+CSS, no scripts).
  • js: contains exercises on JavaScript (HTML+CSS+JavaScript).
  • svg: contains exercises on SVG (SVG+JavaScript is allowed).


The HTML files in this repository are written to be used in a Web server. They load media, style and scripts using absolute paths. For example: /static/videos/myvideo.webm. This means they won't work well when opened as common desktop files.

To avoid installing and configuring a production server, I use the Web server provided with Python 3, which can be used as follows:

$ cd /path/to/w3lab
$ python3 -m http.server

Public Domain Dedication

Public domain 2014 Luis Felipe López Acevedo.