pypy / pypy / module / micronumpy /

from pypy.interpreter.mixedmodule import MixedModule

class PyPyModule(MixedModule):
    interpleveldefs = {
        'debug_repr': 'interp_extras.debug_repr',
        'remove_invalidates': 'interp_extras.remove_invalidates',
    appleveldefs = {}

class Module(MixedModule):
    applevel_name = '_numpypy'

    submodules = {
        'pypy': PyPyModule

    interpleveldefs = {
        'ndarray': 'interp_numarray.W_NDimArray',
        'dtype': 'interp_dtype.W_Dtype',
        'ufunc': 'interp_ufuncs.W_Ufunc',

        'array': 'interp_numarray.array',
        'zeros': 'interp_numarray.zeros',
        'empty': 'interp_numarray.zeros',
        'ones': 'interp_numarray.ones',
        'dot': '',
        'fromstring': 'interp_support.fromstring',
        'flatiter': 'interp_numarray.W_FlatIterator',
        'isna': 'interp_numarray.isna',
        'concatenate': 'interp_numarray.concatenate',

        'set_string_function': 'appbridge.set_string_function',
        'count_reduce_items': 'interp_numarray.count_reduce_items',

        'True_': 'types.Bool.True',
        'False_': 'types.Bool.False',

        'generic': 'interp_boxes.W_GenericBox',
        'number': 'interp_boxes.W_NumberBox',
        'integer': 'interp_boxes.W_IntegerBox',
        'signedinteger': 'interp_boxes.W_SignedIntegerBox',
        'unsignedinteger': 'interp_boxes.W_UnsignedIntegerBox',
        'bool_': 'interp_boxes.W_BoolBox',
        'int8': 'interp_boxes.W_Int8Box',
        'uint8': 'interp_boxes.W_UInt8Box',
        'int16': 'interp_boxes.W_Int16Box',
        'uint16': 'interp_boxes.W_UInt16Box',
        'int32': 'interp_boxes.W_Int32Box',
        'uint32': 'interp_boxes.W_UInt32Box',
        'int64': 'interp_boxes.W_Int64Box',
        'uint64': 'interp_boxes.W_UInt64Box',
        'int_': 'interp_boxes.W_LongBox',
        'inexact': 'interp_boxes.W_InexactBox',
        'floating': 'interp_boxes.W_FloatingBox',
        'float_': 'interp_boxes.W_Float64Box',
        'float32': 'interp_boxes.W_Float32Box',
        'float64': 'interp_boxes.W_Float64Box',

    # ufuncs
    for exposed, impl in [
        ("abs", "absolute"),
        ("absolute", "absolute"),
        ("add", "add"),
        ("arccos", "arccos"),
        ("arcsin", "arcsin"),
        ("arctan", "arctan"),
        ("arcsinh", "arcsinh"),
        ("arctanh", "arctanh"),
        ("copysign", "copysign"),
        ("cos", "cos"),
        ("divide", "divide"),
        ("true_divide", "true_divide"),
        ("equal", "equal"),
        ("exp", "exp"),
        ("fabs", "fabs"),
        ("floor", "floor"),
        ("ceil", "ceil"),
        ("greater", "greater"),
        ("greater_equal", "greater_equal"),
        ("less", "less"),
        ("less_equal", "less_equal"),
        ("maximum", "maximum"),
        ("minimum", "minimum"),
        ("multiply", "multiply"),
        ("negative", "negative"),
        ("not_equal", "not_equal"),
        ("reciprocal", "reciprocal"),
        ("sign", "sign"),
        ("sin", "sin"),
        ("subtract", "subtract"),
        ('sqrt', 'sqrt'),
        ("tan", "tan"),
        ('bitwise_and', 'bitwise_and'),
        ('bitwise_or', 'bitwise_or'),
        ('bitwise_not', 'invert'),
        ('isnan', 'isnan'),
        ('isinf', 'isinf'),
        interpleveldefs[exposed] = "interp_ufuncs.get(space).%s" % impl

    appleveldefs = {
        'average': 'app_numpy.average',
        'sum': 'app_numpy.sum',
        'min': 'app_numpy.min',
        'identity': 'app_numpy.identity',
        'max': 'app_numpy.max',
        'inf': 'app_numpy.inf',
        'e': 'app_numpy.e',
        'pi': 'app_numpy.pi',
        'arange': 'app_numpy.arange',
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