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Added test for comment cache

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 from django.utils import unittest
 from django.template import Context, Template
+from django.http import HttpRequest
+from models import FacebookCommentCache
+from views import recache
 import os
 class FBCommentBasicTest(unittest.TestCase):
 		#assert js is not output in this case
 		self.assertFalse("<script>" in output)
+class FBCommentCacheTest(unittest.TestCase):
+	def setUp(self):
+		self.path = os.environ.get('SITE')
+		self.c = Context({"path":self.path})
+	def test_cache_get(self):
+		r = HttpRequest()
+		r.method = 'POST'
+		r.POST = {
+			'href': self.path,
+		}
+		res = recache(r)
+		self.assertTrue("success" in res.content)
+		t_str = """{% load fb_comments %}{% fb_comments href=path include_cached_comments no_scripts %}"""
+		t = Template(t_str)
+		output = t.render(self.c)
+		self.assertTrue("<div class=\"cached_comments\"" in output)
+		self.assertTrue(len(FacebookCommentCache.get(self.path)) > 0)
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