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 Where `mybase.js` includes the initialization function. You actually don't need to define any of the `_selector` arguments, but the defaults are displayed here:
-        //Creating options for Eldridge Park
         var opts = {
-          root_selector: "#eldridge_park",
-          overlay_selector: ".ep_overlay",
-          links_selector: ".ep_links a",
-          width: 800,
+          width: 605,
           height: 300
-        //Create actual widget
-        var ep = new eldridge_park(opts);
+        var ep = new eldridge_park.carousel("#eldridge_park", opts);
-Of course, you need to include the following HTML:
+Of course, you'll need the appropriate markup.  The basic idea is you stick your elements as `.ep_item`s within a `.ep_overlay`. All of it is wrapped in an `#eldridge_park`:
     <div id="eldridge_park">
       <div class="ep_overlay">
-        <a href="#1" title="Slide 1"><img src="sample_images/slide1.png" alt="" width="800" height="300" /></a>
-      </div>
-      <div class="ep_links">
-        <a href="#1" title="Slide 1">sample_images/slide1.png</a>
-        <a href="#2" title="Slide 2">sample_images/slide2.png</a>
-        <a href="#3" title="Slide 3">sample_images/slide3.png</a>
-        <a href="#4" title="Slide 4">sample_images/slide4.png</a>
+        <div class="ep_item first">
+          <div class="caption"><h1></h1><h2>Wordpress custom theme, development</h2></div>
+          <img src="">
+        </div>
+        <div class="ep_item">
+          <div class="caption"><h1>California Hotel &amp; Casino</h1><h2>Graphic Design: Exhibit Piece</h2></div>
+          <img src="">
+        </div>
-Please note that it's recommended to set `.ep_links{ display: hidden;}` in your css so that the links don't appear. You can change the id and classes of any of these items so long as you provide the constructor with the proper selectors to use.
+Just make sure that your css will hide all the `.ep_item`s but show the first.