======== Overview ======== iwilldiffer is a vim plugin that shows you vcs diff add/mod/del lines in the gutter. iwilldiffer supports git, hg, bzr Dependencies ============ You need diff, python (2.6+), vim, and whichever supported vcs tool you wish to use. Usage ===== Install the plugin (TODO: describe the magic which is installing vim plugins) You might want the following in your `.vimrc`: :: let g:iwilldiffer_check_on_open=1 let g:iwilldiffer_check_on_save=1 Gutter Color ============ Gutter background color is controlled by value for `highlight SignColumn`. Change this value in your colorscheme or add to your `.vimrc`: :: highlight SignColumn guibg=foo ctermbg=foo Contributors ============ * `Shu Zong Chen`_ .. CONTRIBUTORS .. _`Shu Zong Chen`: