1. Shu Zong Chen
  2. luajit-unqlite


======== Overview ======== luajit-unqlite is a luajit ffi binding allowing you access to UnQLite within the awesome luajit. UnQLite is an "in-process software library which implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional NoSQL database engine." See more at http://unqlite.org/ These bindings were originally written to support an on-disk persistance layer for a love2d game, but should be useful in other contexts. Also it has tests. Beta Warning ============= This is in beta. So while I hope you use it, it may delete your data or kill your babies. Be warned, please submit bug reports on the project bitbucket. Dependencies ============ luajit and UnQLite Features ======== These bindings provide access to the key-value store, transactions, and cursors. There are no plans on implementing Jx9 support, but patches are surely welcomed. Usage ===== Copy ``src/unqlite.lua`` somewhere in your lua path, and compile either ``libunqlite.so`` or ``unqlite.dll`` depending on your OS. (The supplied versions may or may not work on your system). :: unqlite = require "unqlite" -- open db db = unqlite.open("test.db") -- kv basics db:set("test", "Hello world") db:get("test") -- "test" db:delete("test") db:get("test") -- nil See ``test.lua`` for examples on transaction and cursor usage. Future Features =============== * expose functionality of unqlite_config * better/more idiomatic lua error reporting License ======= This binding is released under the 2-Clause BSD license. See ``LICENSE.txt``. This is the same license that UnQLite uses. The included ``libunqlite.so`` and ``unqlite.dll`` are just compiled versions of unqlite in case that helps anyone. UnQLite is released under the same 2-Clause BSD license. See ``LICENSE_unqlite.txt``. Contributors ============ * `Shu Zong Chen`_ .. CONTRIBUTORS .. _`Shu Zong Chen`: http://freelancedreams.com/