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masq is a command line utility that allows the user to edit any flat file in any format using the format of their choosing.

masq is built in with formatters provided by the python standard library, that means you can read from sqlite files, and read from and edit in json and repr formats. masq is easily extendible to allow other formats.

Alpha Warning

This utility is in alpha. So while I hope you use it, it may delete your data or kill your babies. Be warned, please submit bug reports on the project bitbucket.


masq is built using the standard library available in Python 2.7. I make no guarantees (currently) about 2.6 or 3.x support, although I am not against it.


'masq <input file> as <input format> into <edit format> with <editor>'

If you don't pass in '<editor>', masq will attempt to pull it from your EDITOR or VISUAL environment variable.

Example: open file 'test.sqlite3' (treating it as a sqlite file) and editing it in vim in json format:

masq tests/files/test.sqlite3 as sqlite into json with vim

Future Features

  • Heuristics to auto determine input file format
  • More file security
  • Documentation
  • Reading/writing from pipes


Soon there will be a config file where you can set your defaults