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+Uber bot for
+This is a chat bot that implements all sort of commands, and is easy to extend with plugins.
+Add main.js as a script, then add any plugins you wish to enable as separate scripts.
+You can disable or enable plugins as needed, the boilerplate around them allows them to
+be dynamically registered as they are enabled. Groovy.
+Because the roll20 api doesn't have a datastore (I don't trust the state value), I've
+selected to store items as attributes in a Character.  Just create a new Character, name it
+"Item Uber Table", and set it so that only GMs own and access it.  You can then use the itemCreate,
+and itemMod commands to create item types in your world.
+If you're not happy with "Item Uber Table", you can change that by modifying the static value in the plugin script.
+Writing New Plugins
+The boilderplate is available as sample.js.  Look at the other plugins to get an idea of how to do things.
+I expect you know javascript and are comfortable with functional programming?