Super power extension for

This chrome extension allows api bots to send links to users via chat, that the user can click on to call api commands.

Hopefully this simple feature makes it into roll20.


I hope you're a developer and you can follow directions:

Or you can try the chrome extension store:

API Requirements

  • Install a btoa polyfill (see tools/base64.js and add that to your scripts)

API Usage

Send the user an element with class="r2sp" and title attribute title="r2sp::some text". Example:

<a class="r2sp" title="r2sp::hello world">Click me</a>

However, the roll20 interface messes up when you use any text that contains anything that resembles a command, so if you want to have the click trigger a roll or other complicated input, you should base64 the contents instead:

sendChat(who, "<a class='r2sp' title='r2spB64::" + btoa("/gmroll 1d20 + 99") + "'>Click me</a>");

(Make sure you have the btoa polyfill installed)


This should also trigger on links in handouts, but not totally tested yet. Have fun!