PC++ (BOINC version)


  • First of all, I suggest you to create a directory, for example BOINC_dev
  • Then, you need to download the boinc repository: git clone boinc
  • After having downloaded the boinc repository (assume to have it in BOINC_dev/boinc/ folder, you need to clone this repository in the folder BOINC_dev/boinc/samples/
  • Before compiling the PC++ (BOINC version), you may need the following repository to compile the BOINC lybraries
  • Assuming you now have this repository inside BOINC_dev/boinc/samples/pc-boinc/, you can compile it using the provided scritps inside the src folder
  • A test is available, you just need to run it using the script

Contribution guidelines

  • You can open an issue or make a suggestion using the Issues tracker of Bitbucket
  • If you have improvements to the code, please report them using the Pull requests

Who do I talk to?