Issue #10218 open integration with bitbucket (BB-11098)

Javier Gómez
created an issue

I would like to request a proper integration with

I have tried the generic integration with slack that uses the "Pull Request POST", but it doesn't work when a new pull request is created.

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  1. Janne Enberg

    What I'd also be interested in seeing is comments to commits etc. in Slack .. or rather plainly put: Ability to get notifications of everything, and ability to choose which of those notifications are shown in Slack (and where).

  2. Luiz Filho

    So... Yeah... This is our last month on BitBucket. Just finished migrating everything to GitHub and the price, in my company's case, stayed the same. 5 min after migrating I had 5 integrations working and notifying with relevant info on Slack... Good bye, Atlassian. Shame.

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