Issue #1727 resolved

Deleted repository half-alive

Roman Starkov avatarRoman Starkov created an issue

I deleted the rstarkov/aerobrakerhomfd repository a while ago, and set a redirect notification.

However, on this page it's still listed with its full description (which I can no longer edit), and clicking the link does not show the "this repo was deleted" redirect.

I'd like to suggest that deleted repos should not be displayed on the user's page, or if they must be, then at least the description should remain editable.

Additionally, repos which have Wiki as the landing page should support redirection properly.

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  1. Thomas Johansson
    • changed status to open

    Until it's fixed, you should be able to get around it by creating a repo with the same name and then deleting it without setting a redirect. If it's showing as you following it, follow and then unfollow it after you re-create it, and then delete it.

  2. Roman Starkov

    I've unfollowed rstarkov/AeroBrakeRhoMFD and attempted to create a new repository called "AeroBrakeRhoMFD". This results in a 500 Internal Server Error unfortunately. The state of the checkboxes (Private, Issues, Wiki) doesn't seem to make a difference.

    P.S. I didn't notice this straight away, but the project appears to actually be gone now. Thanks!

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