Issue #1921 resolved

Add pivotaltracker broker (BB-59)

Paul Okopny avatarPaul Okopny created an issue

Please add pivotaltracker broker. Broker code can be found here: This broker allows tracking project's progress via pivotaltracker ( - story-based project planning tool.

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  1. Ilya Musabirov

    Hi! Any chance we will see this broker available soon? Ability to link bitbucket repository commits and stories statuses in Pivotal Tracker is very important for our project.

    Thanks, your faithful paid user =)

  2. Ilya Musabirov

    Hi! From broker docs:

    Post-commit broker for tracker:

    Your commit message should have square brackets containing a hash mark followed by the story ID. If a story was not already started (it was in the "not started" state), a commit message will automatically start it. To automatically finish a story by using a commit message, include "fixed", "completed" or "finished" in the square brackets in addition to the story ID.

    For more info visit

    Just check source if you have other questions:

  3. Mike Lehner
    • changed status to open

    Is there some other trick to get this to work? Myself and another developer both tried and made sure the commit format was correct but the changes never went to pivotal. What gives?

    We both have the API token set in the service area.

  4. Mike Lehner

    Investigated more, It seems that pushes made with TortoiseGit (Windows) are not going to Pivotal. Git via Linux CLI seems to be working just fine.

    Not sure what the difference would be.

    --Update: Fixed, for future readers this will not work with the TortoiseGit "Sign" feature.

  5. Ian Hunter

    Are there any plans for using user-specific API tokens for this integration? Currently you have to use a single user's Pivotal API token for the entire repository, which means all messages posted to Pivotal will show up posted as whatever one user you use when enabling the Pivotal service.

  6. Patrick Lock

    I have been unable to get the pivotal service to work. The pivotal project was set up by someone else. Should I be using my profile api token or the pivotal project owners api token?


  7. Paul Okopny


    Ian, sorry, but I guess there are no plans for any further integration.

    Patric, I think both tokens should work, but I would recommend using owners api token (or creating a dedicated user with it's own token).

    I'm sorry, but it's been really a while since I've been working with Pivotal Tracker. I guess anyone can fork the broker and enhance it.

  8. Thomas Lim

    It's a shame BitBucket aren't doing anything about this. The power of services like this are agnostic brokers and hooks.

    If anyone knows how to get that repo working with Pivotal Tracker, there will be some love for me!

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