Deleted download file not listed, but present

Nebojša Stričević avatarNebojša Stričević created an issue

I have deleted one download file ( and added another (, but deleted file still can be downloaded by typing the URL. Also deleted file is not listed, but application says there is 2 files that can be downloaded.

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  1. James Murty

    I see the same issue in my project:

    Over time I added a total of 5 files for download then removed 2 leaving three visible, as expected. However, the Downloads tab name has an incorrect count of 5.

    The removed files themselves now exist in a nether-world where BitBucket thinks they exist but they are not available from the CDN to which BB refers.

    For example, following the link to a removed file doesn't result in a 404 from BitBucket but gives an AccessDenied error from the domain:

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