When you make (by mistake) a branch on the wiki repository some changes aren't picked up anymore. (BB-756)

Toader Mihai Claudiu avatarToader Mihai Claudiu created an issue


I wanted to add an image to the wiki and looked checked the FAQ and followed the instructions. But it doesn't display the image. When i access the generated URL i get an "Internal server error" page.

see here: http://bytebucket.org/mtoader/google-go-for-idea-docs/wiki/screenshot1.gif.

If clone the repository i see that the file i there.

At some point i had a merge conflict on the wiki tree and i managed to reconcile it.

To be more specific if i clone my repository and look at it with hg glog command i see something like this (look at the output.glog attachment) and the same thing happens if i clone and check another repository (like https://mtoader@bitbucket.org/snej/murky/wiki), same behaviour on the web ( not image display ) same history as mine.

if i look at another repository (see https://mtoader@bitbucket.org/ronw/gordon/wiki) the glog command will show no bifurcations and the image is properly displayed on the web.

Home it helps.


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