Issue #2240 resolved

My dashboard does not contain recent activity (BB-49)

Kostas Symeonidis
created an issue

It seems that is had stopped getting recent activity at some point.

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  1. alexm

    If I visit <>;, <Recent activity> lists "No events for this user.". If I log in and visit <>, all my recent activity is listed under <Newsfeed> (but still nothing on my user page).

    I seem to remember the recent activity being displayed on my user page some months ago, but it stopped working sometime in the past.

  2. Mehmet Catalbas

    This issue is resolved now, if you do any kind of public activity it will be displayed in your newsfeed for unauthenticated users, and you can see your public/private activities.

  3. JD Fagan

    Also, if you create 3 new repos, view Dashboard (shows 3 - correct), delete 1 (still shows 3 - incorrect), delete another (now shows 2 - incorrect - seems to be trailing updates by 1 delete).

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