Creating new issue does not allow setting component, issue type (BB-1363)

pmacfarlane avatarpmacfarlane created an issue

I click on the Issues->Create new issue button, and it allows me to create a new issue.

In the "Properties" pane on the right, it allows me to assign the bug to one of the (two) developers, or nobody.

There are "Type" and "Component" drop-downs there too. However, clicking on them does not open the drop-down, and I cannot change the selection (from "Bug" and "------").

Expected behaviour: I can open the drop-downs and change the Type to e.g. "enhancement", or change the component.

Also, if I just go ahead and create the issue with the (unwanted) default selections for those two fields, I can't then change them. i.e. you can't edit the component or type once the issue is created.

I'm using Firefox 3.6.14 on Ubuntu.

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