HTML entities in changeset view are displayed incorrectly (BB-1933)

Paweł Smoliński avatarPaweł Smoliński created an issue

I've changed following code (Ruby). From: if now < expiry_date to: if now > expiry_date

but when viewing this change in browser (Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox), I see following: if now &lt; expiry_date if now &gt; expiry_date

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  1. Nicolas Venegas

    Hi Paweł

    In what particular page on Bitbucket do you see this?

    I just tried to reproduce a similar change and it renders OK for me on the changeset page and when diffing a single file.

    Regards Nicolas

  2. Nicolas Venegas


    I was finally able to reproduce this problem.

    We are in the process of overhauling the way we display diffs on Bitbucket, so I'll confirm that this problem is fixed when we roll out the new code.



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