Cannot Commit to Repository * (BB-2132)

Winston Weinert avatarWinston Weinert created an issue

This is more of a consistency issue. I don't think anybody seriously would do this, but nevertheless. I cannot commit to a repository named *.

I changed the repo to a word with just latin-1, and it worked fine. I also changed my password to make sure my password was as I typed it.

ssh fails:

ww@mir:~/* $ hg push                                                                                                                                                                  
pushing to ssh://*
remote: conq: invalid command syntax.
abort: no suitable response from remote hg!

HTTPS fails:

ww@mir:~/* $ hg push
pushing to*
searching for changes
http authorization required
realm: HTTP
user: winstonw
abort: authorization failed

Comments (5)

  1. Winston Weinert

    I should also mention I initially cloned the repository from Bitbucket. It was a fresh, empty repo I was trying to push to. I used HTTPS to initially clone it.

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