Browse/search repositories by language/name/keyword/etc (BB-39)

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It would be neat if we could browse the different repositories by language (Python, Javascript, ... ). This parameter is already there when you create a repository, so I don't believe it would be a huge change.

Something like :

Would show you a list of the repos "crafted with Python".

What do you think?

Thank you.

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  1. Ryan Westphal

    Similar, will there be a way to search for projects by name but only ones owned by a given user? As a consulting firm, we have many, many small projects and it would be nice to search something like this: ?owner=OurName&name=muni to return all repositories that we've created that deal specifically with municipalities. That's just an example. If there is already a way to do this that doesn't involve clicking links to page through results, please let me know.

  2. Warren Postma

    I wanted to search All Python and All Delphi and All C# projects on BitBucket and I could not.

    This is a fundamental functionality failure, since SourceForge has had that for years!

  3. Warren Postma

    In fact there are NO BROWSING FEATURES AT ALL. It's like someone at Atlassian said, hey, if we suck really bad at this, maybe GitHub will completely take over and we can quietly go home and retire BitBucket.

    I am laughing right now because there is this thing at the top level page of bitbucket that says "heeeeeey! These cool projects like tortoiseHg are hosted here!!!!".

    But then, Nothing. No browse feature. Nothing.

  4. Hadi Khosrojerdi


    Standard templates are : pagelen , page, format, callback, after.

    for example :

    $url= "?pagelen=50&page=2&format=xml&after=2014"


    And the templates are needed : language, repo_name, username, scm .

    Also the values of these templates can be separated by commas.

    for example :

    $url = "?language=php,java,ruby&repo_name=api,rest,oauth&username=hadi,kevin,dylan&scm=git";

    What do you think?

    Also you can to see URI Templates


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