Repository overview page messed up (BB-2388)

Martin Matula avatarMartin Matula created an issue

Overview tab of one of my repositories started showing messed up content - see

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  1. Martin Matula

    Just found out it was showing the content of readme.html I have in the repository root which seems to be a feature. But why does it pick up readme.html when it cannot render it as HTML (it showed it as plain text including html tags and everything) - it is better to ignore in that case. I worked around the issue by adding another readme - this time with extension that is now correctly showing up on the overview page instead of readme.html.

  2. David Chambers

    Hi Martin,

    We don't display user-provided HTML anywhere on Escaping only malicious HTML within a document is a rabbit hole we haven't jumped into.

    Not that we don't trust you. ;)


  3. Martin Matula
    • changed status to new

    Not displaying it is fine. What I am questioning is, why does it even appear on the Overview page, when it has html extension (i.e. if I have readme.html in the root of my repo, it is going to show up in the Overview page, but looks like a crap, as it is shown as plain text - so what's the point of showing it??)

    Let me describe my experience: 1) made a few commits to my repo (one of the changes were, that I added readme.html into the root - this was *not* intended for the overview tab - I wasn't even aware of that feature) 2) suddenly noticed the Overview page looks like crap - I thought there is a bug somewhere in bitbucket which causes it to show some random stuff from the repo on the Overview page 3) then I though, maybe there is a feature that shows the content of a readme file - did a search on that and found there is such feature - anyway, it does not support HTML, so why is it picking my readme.html file?? 4) added with some simple content to make sure bitbucked does not pick readme.html

    Looks like a bug to me. It should not be picking up readme with extensions it does not support. Martin

  4. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Martin,

    You are absolutely right, this is a bug. We are planning on fixing this week and getting it quickly deployed.

    Sorry for the trouble,


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