Hide milestone/version/component fields on create/view screens if nothing has been added (BB-2420)

Florian Gamböck avatarFlorian Gamböck created an issue

Hey! Wouldn't it be nice to hide the respective field if no milestone, version and/or component has been added?

With "hide" I mean: Don't show them in the "Create Issue" form, and if it's not too difficult to code, then also hide them in the Issue Overview.

That just confuses users who don't even know what those terms mean.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Florian,

    As you may have noticed we are running through the site and updating the layout and style of all the bitbucket screens. We are planning on a refresh of the view/create screens for the issue tracker and will certainly take this into account when we do so (that is how it works on the list view ATM).

    Thanks for reporting,


  2. Florian Gamböck

    Oh, sorry, then I was mistaken regarding the list view.

    But it definitely shows up on the create screen, so that would be the main proposal here.

    Thanks for responding!

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