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Make patch queues qclone compatible over SSH (BB-7763)

Peter Arrenbrecht avatarPeter Arrenbrecht created an issue

A while ago I taught qclone about cloning remote repos+queues. This works if the remote side is structured as

/path/to/repo # base repo /path/to/repo/.hg/patches # queue repo

So it would be interesting if Bitbucket could support two things:

a) When creating a patch queue, it would be handy if one could create it into an existing or newly created fork of the base repo. This would allow for qclone, and it would also clearly document the revision the queue is based on.

b) As an option, it might be interesting if Bitbucket would support some form of pushing and popping patches on the queue's base repo. This would be handy to review the actual effect of the patches online. I guess this option would have to be reserved to the queue owner(s).

(I am working on an hg extension, rclone, that supports a similiar idea:

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  1. Peter Arrenbrecht

    Just saw the "Apply Patches" feature. But I have to admit I don't quite see what they're good for. If they launched a nice online diff-viewer, or presented old and new texts ready for pasting into a visual differ, then they'd be a help to me.

    Will the source be open? If so, you might be able to use one of the OSS online differs like from rietveld or reviewboard. Integration with these beasts might be interesting in its own right anyway.

  2. Jesper Nøhr

    Actually if you "patch queue" something, it *is* qclone compatible--this is how I built it. The quickstart guide also tells you to do a "qlone".

    I'll look into this more closely. Would you be interested in helping out making sure everything works correctly?

  3. Jesper Nøhr

    OK, I've worked a bit more on this, and now the "Apply Patches" actually shows a visual diff between the original repo version and how it looks after an arbitrary number of patches are applied.

  4. Jesper Nøhr
    • changed status to hold

    The rexec stuff sounds interesting, and naturally we'll support this as soon as it hits crew. So far, I've concluded that we're qclone compatible, and the diff viewer is actually useful now, so I'm going to put this on hold.

  5. Ches Martin

    qclone works, except with SSH as noted in #85, and the trick of qcloning the base of the patch repo needs to be documented somewhere other than in the quick start that users won't see unless they omit the series file.

  6. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Peter,

    I am sorry to say we do not give patch queues the attention we should.

    We have really stopped trying to make them better and honestly we are unlikely to ever do this work.

    Sorry for the trouble,


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