No email updates for issues are being received

Shawn Holyoak avatarShawn Holyoak created an issue

A few days ago, the email updates we would receive when an issue was created or updated stopped coming. We are now no longer receiving any emails from our issues.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Shawn,

    Are you certain your emails are not going into spam?

    I was alerted of this issue being raised via email.

    Only your repo admins will get issue creation emails and you need to explicitly follow issues if you want to receive issue updates.

    We did change the email address that the issue mails are sent from to be '' instead of the noreply address we used to use.

    Let me know what you find, cheers,


  2. Shawn Holyoak

    I'm fairly certain the emails are not going into spam, as we get a daily digest of spam from McAfee Quarantine Manager, and we haven't received any notices. Our repository is set up to mail writers when issues are created/updated. Even this issue, which I'm following, I'm not getting email updates on. I had to check manually to see if the status had been updated. The last email any of us received was on September 20, 2011. The email addresses involved are:

  3. Charles McLaughlin

    Hi Shawn,

    I've attached excerpts from our mail server logs. It appears your mx servers are blocking us and returning "550 Denied by policy". Some information I found on the web indicates this is common behavior of Microsoft Exchange. I suspect you'll need to do something on your Exchange server or in the anti-virus software that runs on the Exchange server to whitelist us.



  4. Shawn Holyoak

    Our IT staff report that McAfee trusted source marked your IP address as High risk. You may want to see if you can get McAfee to verify your IP address to ensure you're not marked as high risk, though our IT staff filed a report with them too.

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