Open source the BB brokers (BB-1695)

tivix avatartivix created an issue

Would it be possible to provide a broker for lighthouse app ( ) issue/milestone tracking application for Bitbucket, or do I have to write one on my own?

Even if I do write one, I'd have to host it etc. Too many hoops to run through, wondering if you have a certified one already ?

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  1. tivix

    Still not working for me. :(

    Am sure am doing something wrong. Do I need a http in my subdomain setting? The id, is just the number part of the project right ?

  2. Jesper Nøhr

    Oh, sorry! The subdomain is just the part after http: and before, so in your case, it would just be 'tivix'.

    Let me know if this helps!

  3. tivix

    Awesome, it worked !!

    I had [#9 state:resolved tagged:committed]

    But the state did not change to "resolved" :(

    Maybe a lighthouse bug?

  4. Jesper Nøhr

    Lovely post, thanks :-)

    I'm not sure why Lighthouse isn't updating the status. I guess they have some kind of logic on their end that analyzes the text, and tries to act on it? Or do we have to send anything special?

  5. Anonymous

    No worries!

    As I understand you just pass the string along and they interpret it. Not a big deal, will try again later. Are you planning to open-source the broker ?

  6. Jesper Nøhr


    [cantor/jespern] ~ > cd /tmp/obhookstest 
    [cantor/jespern] /tmp/obhookstest > ls
    A	B	C	D	E	F
    [cantor/jespern] /tmp/obhookstest > echo 'A' >> A
    [cantor/jespern] /tmp/obhookstest > hg ci -m "Doing some stuff [#131 state:resolved]"
    [cantor/jespern] /tmp/obhookstest > hg push
    pushing to
    http authorization required
    realm: HTTP
    user: jespern
    searching for changes
    bb/acl: jespern is allowed. accepted payload.
    quota: 15.2 MB in use, 25.0 GB available (0.06% used)
    [cantor/jespern] /tmp/obhookstest > 

    And on lighthouse:

    jesper (at noehr)
    October 24th, 2008 @ 10:24 AM
    → State changed from “new” to “resolved”
    (from [97278ffac89e]) Doing some stuff [#131 state:resolved]

    Seems to have worked.

  7. yonasy

    Could you give me an example that would update lighthouseapp issue #2, something like:

    this is a test [#2 tagged:funtag responsible:chris milestone:"Beta Release" state:open]

  8. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Shuky,

    I have added a task to our backlog to opensource our brokers. I will be honest and say that its not our highest priority, sorry. But we will have a look at it. I just can not really commit to a date.



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