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Remote pull requests to Google Code and GitHub (BB-3054)

Martin Geisler
created an issue


It would be cool if it was possible to submit pull requests from Bitbucket to the two other big DVCS hosting sites. This would of course require collaboration with them.

I'm thinking of a system where GitHub can send a request to a URL at Bitbucket with information about the GitHub repository and branch to pull. Bitbucket would then present this like a normal pull request (maybe even do the pull into a temporary repository so that you can show the diff) and if the user approves the request, the pull is done.

Comments on the pull request should probably be directed back to the original site.

This was discussed here first:

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Martin,

    We have talked about this internally as well, it would be cool.

    I will be honest, it did not jump to the top of the backlog but it is there.



  2. borekb

    This would be really cool. Today, although I like BitBucket better than GitHub, I need to have an account and some of my repositories over at BitBucket simply to collaborate with other GitHub users. If this "wall" falls down I can happily live just here on BitBucket.

    If this needs cooperation with GitHub (like it probably does), is there already a ticket for that in their system? I would vote for that there too but can't find a link at the moment.

  3. Anonymous

    one simple solution would be that bitbucket create a key pair. we can add this to bitbucket and they can do simple git operations, no?

  4. Martin Geisler reporter

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  5. Geert Schuring

    Indeed Martin! Considering the fact that there are already 50+ watchers... maybe its time we start drawing attention to this issue a little more? Any ideas on how to do that, other than blogging and tweeting?

  6. Martin Geisler reporter

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  7. Nate Peterson

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  8. frnhr

    People, please stop adding comments for people to stop adding "+1" comments, and also please stop adding "+1" comments. There are like four useful comments in this thread. Not counting this one. Because this one is also not useful...

  9. brettz9

    I hope the title of this issue can be changed to "Remote pull requests between Google Code and GitHub" so it is two way, or, even better, "Remote pull requests between Google Code, GitHub, etc. via user-extensible standard protocol"

    A decentralized version control system deserves decentralized distribution and review options.

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