Issue #333 resolved

Filtered history for branches (BB-520)

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

It'd be very cool if I could see filtered history for a particular branch (à la `hg log -b thebranch`). This would allow me to filter out changes introduced by merging with upstream.

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  1. Stephen Compall

    I am writing a little diatribe for Weblocks hackers to discourage the use of rebase, and being able to filter out

    • Merge revisions
    • Revisions also present in fork parent

    would be helpful.

  2. Anonymous

    Assuming we are talking about the changelog, along with adding filtering for branch, it would also be great if there were a column in the display that showed the branch. This would be one quick way of looking back on a branch's history, before getting into filtering to see only that branch. The place I could use this the most is when I want to update to a branch that is not a tip (because someone else created a new branch from there) I have to go changeset by changeset looking for that older branch, when a column showing branch would make it easier to do.

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