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IP Log for last week

the Sun avatarthe Sun created an issue

yesterday i detect, that from my account happen: in recently visited list, finded: foreight project, which i have no visit. but it is also similar topic, as my project

so i can imagine, that my account have hacked, question: how i can check all logs ip for example for last week. thank you for response.

because in gmail, others paypal, webmoney other popular resources exist IP Log with last activity. and for bitbucket that is very huge security leak

i have already change password to my account and my email

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Hey mate,

    I'm afraid we do not have a list of recently used IP addresses on your account (like Gmail has).

    Are you sure the repo you saw in the recently visited dropdown, is really a repo that you haven't visited before? Is it possible that a repo that you viewed recently had its name changed into something you didn't recognize?

    In any case, I'd strongly recommend you change your password.


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