After accepting Pull Request in main repo pamanseau/ now give HTTP Errror 500

pamanseau avatarpamanseau created an issue

Last night I accepted a pull request from Repo pamanseau/ to pamanseau/ but after 30 minutes the screen didn't move, so I click on the X to close the windows and check the main repo and the changes were not there.

I decided to rename the to and folk the main repo to but the screen looped on the CLONING screen and never got pass this screen. If I go back in the repo it's still the same CLONING screen.

I tried to push to the main repo and I have this error:

hg push --new-branch pushing to http authorization required realm: HTTP user: pamanseau password:searching for changes abort: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error Completed with errors, see above

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  1. pamanseau
    • changed status to open

    Can you please delete folk and chalets-rentals-dev as they are looping in cloning the main repo and never give opportunity to manage them?


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