Encoding not set in HTTP Header when viewing raw files or commits (BB-3501)

Winston Weinert avatarWinston Weinert created an issue

Content encoding isn't specified in HTTP headers when viewing "raw" commits or "raw" files. As a result text often renders incorrectly. Screenshots are attached and here are some links to some affected documents https://bitbucket.org/winstonw/lolwut/raw/5e4250c864e4/README and https://bitbucket.org/winstonw/lolwut/changeset/5e4250c864e4/raw/.

The links should render correctly if your web browser falls back on UTF-8. I found this issue present in Opera 11.61, lynx, and Chromium 17.

Comments (5)

  1. Brodie Rao

    Hi Winston,

    Bitbucket can't know with certainty what the encoding of a file or commit should be. In the case of a commit, there could actually be multiple encodings involved.

    The reason you're seeing garbled output in your browser is because it's falling back to Latin-1.

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