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Downloads API (BB-1696)

Seth Jackson avatarSeth Jackson created an issue

Closely related to #2394 I would like a REST API for retrieving any "downloads" the user has uploaded to a repo.



would return the downloads for a repo, and all the data for each individual download (size, date uploaded, download count, url to download the file, etc.)

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Seth,

    There are a number of places where our API is deficient. This is certainly one of those. Thank you for reporting.

    We are hoping to make strides with the API this year so I hope we will get to this in the near to medium future.



  2. Kevin Herrera

    GitHub has just announced that they are deprecating "uploads" (downloads) and their API.

    Seize the opportunity and implement support for retrieving downloads via API.

    A reasonably sized project I own requires the downloads feature, and I'm currently shopping for a new host. I cannot select Bitbucket since downloads are not supported through the API. I cannot be the only one with this type of requirement.

  3. Christoph Mewes

    You aren't. I'm also waiting for this to be implemented, as we try to automatically link to our downloads on BB and curently need the parse our project's download HTML page...

  4. Pyker

    +1 here. I think it would be a much cleaner solution to have this implemented in the API (not to mention it would make the API more complete).

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