Issue #3820 resolved

issues?responsible= (BB-3854)

Don Viszneki avatarDon Viszneki created an issue

If you use /username/reponame/issues/query (from the "Build query" button found at the issues page) to build a query, you will never get any results if you are looking for issues that are unassigned (UI describes this variously, "nobody," "no one," and "unassigned")

I don't know if this is a bug in /username/reponame/issues or /username/reponame/issues/query but it needs to be fixed

Please reply with workarounds if you know them

Comments (4)

  1. Don Viszneki

    A good work around for any affected is to use /username/reponame/issues?sort=-responsible

    It is unknown if this actually works broadly, but in my case it is the best I can get.

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