Commits listed under wrong user

Jared Mellentine avatarJared Mellentine created an issue

The following commits were done by my jmellentine user, but show up as being committed by my jaredmellentine user. The jaredmellentine user has no access to the private repositories for those commits and there is no trace of the jaredmellentine user on this laptop. How is this even happening?

Is this just a bug or is it a security issue?





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  1. Brodie Rao

    When we turn commit author information into user links, it's purely an informational thing; they don't have access to your repo.

    We look at the email address and only match it to a user on the site if someone's registered and confirmed that email address. In the case of those four commits, the email address you used is registered to jaredmellentine. You can do "git show a21987c971c7" to see the exact email address.

    So, there's nothing you really need to do. If you find it confusing, you can go to "username aliases" in the repo admin and map the full name and author name to your own account (just copy and paste everything after "Author: " in the git-show output).

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