Bug: Cannot edit Component

adj7388 avataradj7388 created an issue

While going through the tutorial, I found that after creating a Component, it is not possible to edit it. (You're supposed to be able to, right?).

  1. Create a Component
  2. Hover over the pencil icon beside the Component name (the pencil icon turns from B&W to color, and the "Click to edit" flyover text appears)
  3. Click the pencil ... nothing happens.

This happens in both Firefox and IE8

Comments (4)

  1. David Chambers

    In some browsers it's necessary to click into the text itself (rather than clicking on the pencil). This is confusing, and something we would like to improve at some stage.

  2. adj7388

    This is such a trivial issue that I hesitate to use up more time (and bits) on it, but just thought I would let you know that in Chrome, Firefox, and IE8 none of these works for me:

    • Click the pencil
    • Click the component name text
    • Hover over the component name and hit Enter
    • Hover over the pencil and hit Enter
    • Repeat each of the above, swearing profusely, clicking the mouse and hitting the Enter key really hard.

    So I guess the bottom line is don't use Components if you may ever want to change them. And we always want to change everything, don't we :-)

    FWIW: the 'default' buttons do work.

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