Pull requests not loading all diffs (BB-4272)

Glenn Fowler avatarGlenn Fowler created an issue

When viewing large pull requests, after a certain point the file diffs are collapsed, and have a 'Click to load' link. These links do not always load, giving instead a js error of 'head is not defined' at line 1098 of https://dwz7u9t8u8usb.cloudfront.net/m/c4ab365c4bdd/bun/js/bundle.js

The files that fail to load seem to be consistent (but there isn't anything special about the diffs that I can identify), and this happens across browsers (tested in firefox and chrome).

Edit: This is for git repositories

Comments (7)

  1. Marcus Bertrand

    There is indeed an issue here. We have verified that, on very large pulls, the very first item (and possibly others) may not load when "Click to load." is selected. We have added this to our internal bugs and will update this issue once it has been addressed. At this time, we do not have an eta for when this will be fixed.


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