Issue #413 wontfix

show # of issue followers on issue list

Chris Rebert avatarChris Rebert created an issue

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  1. Eugene Baranov
    • changed status to open

    I think that showing the number of followers in the issue list would be very convenient feature as it will provide an easy way to prioritize issues. (Fixing the bug experienced by the most users usually have biggest net benefit rather than fixing the one encountered only by a few users.)

  2. Dylan Etkin

    At some point we will try to revisit the UI for the issue tracker and depending on what we come up with we may try to incorporate something like this.

  3. David Chambers

    We've just rolled out improvements to the issues list screen, and we're as pressed for room as we ever were (in part thanks to the inclusion of the much-requested "priority" field). While the argument in favour of adding a "number of followers" column is sound, there are six existing columns which we deem more important.

    While not ideal, it's now at least possible to go through the list of issues and adjust each issue's priority in accordance with its popularity.

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