Send Issue Tracker Notifications to HipChat (BB-4774)

Mike Schinkel avatarMike Schinkel created an issue

We are a HipChat custom and a BitBucket customer and we'd like to be able to have issue tracker notifications be sent to HipChat chat rooms. Unfortunately BitBucket will only send emails issue tracker notifications and HipChat does not support post to chat room from email.

We could build it ourselves but we don't really have the time or funds to budget for this kind of infrastructure development at the moment. And since both services are now offered by Atlasssian it seem like it's not much to ask for them to be integrated?

Comments (3)

  1. Daniel Garcia

    I'm interested to hear about this as well. Corporate customer with the whole JIRA/HipChat/Confluence/GreenHopper/BitBucket shebang, would like to see something closer to that for personal as well... Issue Tracker notifications would be a great start!

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