Incorrect price for Team Plans & Pricing (Unlimited user is free) (BB-4801)

Christopher Houdeshell avatarChristopher Houdeshell created an issue

When changing the plan for a team -- the graphics show the incorrect amount for unlimited users. It currently says 'FREE' while it should be '$200'

Comments (6)

  1. Christopher Houdeshell

    It doesn't matter what OS or browser -- I tried it with OSX, Ubuntu and Windows 8; using Chrome and Firefox. Attached it a screencast.

    I believe this is an account issue, not just a rendering/specific OS|browser issue. Your more than welcome to reset the password on my account -- just give me a heads up and force a password change when done.

  2. Marcus Bertrand

    I've tried following your example and still see the correct pricing. I'll try logging in as you in about 5 minutes. I'll send you a password reset to your account once complete.

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