Subrepository changeset links are broken (BB-4882)

Martin Geisler avatarMartin Geisler created an issue

If you go to a repository that contain subrepositories, such as

then you see nice links to the subrepos. The links to the subrepos themselves are fine, but the links to the changesets (the link in square brackets) has a doubled slashes:

Clicking the link gives a 404 error.

The spacing between subrepo name and the square brackets is also inconsistent: if the subrepo revision is not a link, the leading space is missing.

Comments (2)

  1. Martin Geisler

    I don't see any links at all now.

    My Mercurial guide uses subrepos and there is no link to them. There should have been a deps/ folder at the top level with three subrepos inside — see the .hgsub.

    I figured the problem might be that there aren't any other tracked files in the deps/ folder, so I tried navigating directly to

    But that link is a 404.

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