Anonymous comment is forbidden even if issue tracker is set to public

nicobo avatarnicobo created an issue

Everything on is private except wiki and issue tracker so users can access docs and report issues.

The issue tracker is set to "Public tracker (anyone can view, create, and comment on issues)".

An anonymous user can therefore create new tickets but not comment on existing tickets : "Log in to comment »".

Comments (3)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi nicobo,

    We decided to turn off anon comments as they were generating WAY too much spam on the site. Even our spam filter was unable to keep up with the flood.

    Sorry if this hurts your usage but it should help reduce spam site-wide.



  2. Daniel Gibson

    This is really annoying.. So anonymous users can report a bug without logging in (yay!), but when I ask them to clarify on things or whatever they can't answer via comment - pretty useless :-/

    Wouldn't captchas or something help?

    To keep spam low anonymous comments could be moderated by the repo admin before being visible.

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