Issue #4530 resolved

merge changes from parent repo into a fork on the server (BB-5158)

Ed Kolis avatarEd Kolis created an issue

I created a fork of another repo, and I'm finding it quite troublesome to keep in sync with the original repo. If I'm not missing something, I have to perform the following steps to pull in changes:

1. Pull from parent Bitbucket repo to my local repo and merge 2. Push from my local repo to my Bitbucket repo

I have to do this every time I want to sync up the two repos after the parent repo makes a change! Could you add a web-based interface to pull directly from the parent Bitbucket repo to my Bitbucket repo, bypassing my local repo entirely? Or at least an API so I can run commands against my Bitbucket repo to do the same thing?

Thanks! :)

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