Removing a group or user from a repository doesn't remove them from followers (BB-5358)

Marcus Bertrand avatarMarcus Bertrand created an issue

When removing access from a repository/team for a specific user, or a group containing that user, the user will still be listed as a follower of that repository.

The user will *NOT* have any access to the repository any longer, but will show up in the followers list.

Comments (4)

  1. Filipe Alonso

    This issue still occurs.

    Former members who, of course, no longer belong to a team and don't have permissions to access any repository are still following the team even when it has private profile. Regardless of being private or not, they also cannot unfollow the team in their own profiles (no option) unless they access directly the url for the team and click to unfollow. So:

    1. A person after leaving a team cannot see they are following the team and thus can't unfollow it from their own profile (although they still show in the team's followers list)
    2. To unfollow they must know the team's username and access the direct URL for the team, the only place where they have the option to unfollow
    3. A team also cannot forbid/remove people from following it even if they no longer belong to that team and it is set to private
  2. Kristina Saric

    I subscribe to this too. I have a work an personal BitBucket account. My older account had people following me and I want them removed but there seems to be no option to do so.

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