cloning of large remote repositories fails due to timeout

Berkey Michaels avatarBerkey Michaels created an issue

Hi, I have been trying to clone (large repository) via "Repositories" / Import repository

However, bitbucket always times out (cloning at gitorious or github works however), sometimes a proper error report is sent (but usually not).

While the website says that repository size is not limited by default, there is obviously a hard limit due to cloning timeout, as can be seen here?

It would be great if you could scale the timeout according to the repository size, and simply renice the background process, so that large clones are handled properly, but at a lower priority (CPU/BANDWIDTH-wise).


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  1. Berkey Michaels

    Like I said, it's a huge repository, the repository itself is ~ 5-6 gb - and it does take a while to clone, even on a dedicated server with a 100MBIT connection.

    That said, gitorious and github seem to be able to deal with it - in fact, there are dozens of clones of this repository.


  2. Marcus Bertrand

    For a repository that large, I would recommend using SSH. But it is also worth noting that any repo over 1GB may have issues using Git/Mercurial with any service. If you'd like more specific information about how you can reduce the size of your repository or remove old binaries, please send a request to and we'll give you more specific detailed information.

  3. Berkey Michaels

    I am not sure if the status should be changed to INVALID: Yes, it's a large repository, but there are much larger repositories used with git.

    This is not about requiring information on reducing the size of the repository: It's not my repository, it's out of my control - and other services like github and gitorious manage the size quite well, including some repositories even much larger than this.

    If you persist on keeping this INVALID, you should definitely mention these restrictions on your website, i.e. in your FAQs. Just suggesting that this is a git-specific problem is not helping, and doesn't address the fact that other git-hosting services manage hosting such repositories quite well.

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