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There is a possibility to support both bazaar and mercurial?

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  1. Adam Lindsay

    Count this as another voice clamoring for a small/lightweight hosting service for bzr repositories. There's a lot to be said for the bitbucket/github model in minimizing the number of clicks to see code: Launchpad is good for what it is, but offers a maximal solution when something minimal is often desired.

  2. Eugene Wee

    Now that Git support has been added, there must be some infrastructure for multiple version control systems, so perhaps the time is right: please consider supporting Bazaar in addition to Git and Mercurial.

  3. Brendan Simon

    Yes. Please add Bazaar as a native repo. Currently I have to either use a bzr-git or bzr-hg backend. Having native support would be very cool, and BitBucket would be the ONLY site (that I know of) that supports all three major DVCS (Git, Mercurial and Bazaar).

    So any updates on whether there are plans to do this ???

    Thanks, Brendan.

  4. Brendan Simon

    On Hold. Why? Is there any plan to actually support native Bazaar in the near future? What is holding up this feature? Is it business buy in from Atlassian, or just lack of resources to implement it? Surely there would be some Bazaar developers/users willing to assist in implementing this.

  5. Dylan Etkin

    Hi All,

    I will be honest with you all. We have no plans to support Bazaar. This is no reflection on the tool.

    We just don't see the demand that would make it worth our development investment.

    Right now Git and Hg are the two DVCS's we find most users are looking for. If that changes in the future we will reconsider supporting whatever VCS demands that attention.

    Thank you for your understanding, cheers,


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