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Broker for irker (IRC commit announcement service) (BB-6170)

Georg Brandl
created an issue

Hi guys,

this is a draft for a new broker that replaces (which died a few weeks ago and it is doubtful if it comes back) for IRC commit announcements.

Since irker is a distributed service, the broker requires an instance of the irkerd daemon by ESR (see running somewhere at bitbucket.

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  1. Charles McLaughlin

    Hi Georg,

    Sorry I didn't follow through on your message to the mailing list. And thanks for the sample code. We've been really busy with the site redesign, but I'll try to take a closer look at setting up the daemon soon.

    Regards, Charles

  2. James Mills

    Hi, I'm actually working on a general announcement service that will also support bitbucket repository updates via the POST service. If anyone is interested, drop me a lin at #circuits on FreeNode or message me on bitbucket. --JamesMills / prologic

  3. James Mills

    The result of this work is now available up on bitbucket at the following repository: *

    This is designed to run both an IRC Bot and Simple RESTful Web API for Bitbucket to post to via it's POST Broker. This works well so far and I plan to continue it's development and provide a public service for this.

    Right now this is running in "test mode" on FreeNode as the user "ircnotifier". If you'd like to give this a try, just invite the bot to your channel and use the POST service posting to: *

    Where <channel> is the desired channel you'd like the announcement to go without the pound (#). The bot must obviously be on the channel, so invite it first.

    NB: The service is temporary and in "test mode" only (not a permanent solution yet)

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