side-by-side diff rendered wrongly (BB-6562)

Johan Samyn avatarJohan Samyn created an issue

This is both on Win 7 (32bit) and Ubuntu 12.04, both using Firefox 16.0.2. When I view the side-by-side diff, and hit ctrl-B to hide the sidebar, the diff-by-diff viewport is not expanded horizontally. When I start the side-by-side diff in a Firefox where the sidebar was already hidden, the right side is not rendered readable either. See attached screenshot for a cleaerr view of what I experienced.

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  1. Johan Samyn

    Hi Joel,

    Allow me to doubt that.

    I just tried this in both Google Chrome (version 23.0.1271.97 m) and Internet Explorer (version 9.0.8112.16421), on Win7, and those browsers too have problems showing the side-by-side-diff after changing the width and or height of the browser window (whether by dragging or by minimize/maximize).

    It's also clear from what I see - in all three browsers - that the wrongly rendered (hashed) part is only within the special window Bitbucket opens to show the side-by-side-diff; not in the part of the page that surrounds that special window. Maybe that was not clear enough from the attached screendump. If you need more screenshots, please ask.


  2. Michael Power

    Does this mean that bitbucket it dropping support for firefox?

    This is affecting me as well, but this is a new problem. It was working before. Some change bitbucket did clashed with firefox.

    If bitbucket is no longer supporting firefox I need to know.

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